Midlife Conversations

Midlife Conversations is a monthly group for women to explore all aspects of midlife – the pressures, the changes and the unexpected. The group is open to whatever you wish to explore be it menopause, relationships, life purpose, ageing, the day to day struggles, emotions and more.

This small intimate group offers a space for personal growth, positive female community, deep understanding and insight at this important transitional time. I will bring my skills as a psychotherapist to support and enrich the conversations.

Dates for the next Midlife Conversations are:

10:00 - 12:00, Wednesday 11th September

10:00-12:00, Wednesday 9th October

10:00-12:00, Wednesday 6th November

10:00-12:00, Wednesday 4th December

I encourage you to attend all four sessions as this enhances group bonding and learning.

Where: Old Ford Road, London E2 9QD

Cost: £20 per group. Payment must be made in advance.

How to apply: Click on the link below to complete the application form. Once a place is confirmed I will send full address and payment details.

the benefits of being in a Group

  • Group support: Sharing experiences with others reminds us that we are not alone in our struggles. Groups can offer empathy and understanding.

  • A sounding board: You can check things out and get a range of responses.

  • Motivation: Hearing from others can be inspiring and fuel your own growth.

  • Sharing is healing: We are relational beings and need others to hear our stories. Something powerful happens when we feel deeply listened to and heard. A group offers a safe space to share.

  • Affordability: Groups are less expensive than individual psychotherapy yet they offer unique opportunities for personal growth.

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